Work with us!

If you’re passionate about root cause health and building startups that make a difference, Elmntri could be the perfect place for you.

Open Roles

Operations - Head of Automation

Your mission as Head of Automation is to create an ecosystem where manual, repetitive tasks are replaced by seamless automation, freeing up studio to focus on innovation, creativity, and strategic initiatives.

Operations - Head of Venture Production

Your mission as Head of Venture Production is to create a portfolio of ventures that have a lasting impact in consumer health and contribute to the overall success of the studio.

Full Stack Content

Your mission as Full Stack Content is to understand our target audiences, create engaging content, and utilize modern analytics tools to drive business outcomes.

Full Stack Engineer

Your mission as a Full-Stack Engineer is to build delightful web experiences and solve business problems, using rapid iterations and cutting-edge modern tools.

Scientific Generalist

Your mission as a Scientific Generalist is to master functional health and apply it where it is needed.

Product Starter

Your mission as Product Starter is to be a torchbearer of focus and steady progress.


Your mission as General Startup Hustler is to deploy your vast human abilities in the pursuit of helping startups succeed.