A startup studio for root cause health.

We back fearless founders who are passionate about solving complex health problems with a root cause, functional approach.

Fearless Founders

There's no market as personal (or as polarizing) as consumer health. Yet that's why we're here. The challenge is immense, but so is the opportunity.

Complex Health Problems

We believe progress comes from connecting-the-dots between many fields. We learn from the best of medicine, biohacking, and natural health, and support evidence-backed solutions even if they first seem unconventional.

A Root Cause, Functional Approach

Health isn't just about suppressing symptoms but optimizing systems. Nutrition, genetics, and lifestyle cannot be ignored. We believe controlled, low-downside experimentation is the key to personalized solutions that work.

Launch your Startup with Us

Join our entrepreneur-in-residence (EiR) program for a $150k investment, a talented team at your back, and zero-to-one journey over 10 to 12 months.

Build with Us

Join a Startup

Not ready to found your own company? Join as a founding team member, surround yourself with challenging problems, and make a difference in the dynamic arena of a startup studio.

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A Full-Service Startup Studio

In addition to investment, we provide extensive support for every portfolio company, and at every stage of the journey.

Pre-Product Market Fit

Post-Product Market Fit

Build from Taiwan for the US

Join Us in Creating a Healthier World

Whether you're motivated by chronic disease or optimizing healthspan, we'd love to help. Are you in?