The world holds unconventional health startups to a higher bar.

Elmntri helps you launch with a running start. Join our entrepreneur-in-residence (EiR) program for a $150k investment and a zero-to-one journey over 10 to 12 months.

Stage 1: Sketch

Rapidly sketch out the business opportunity and establish a collaborative cadence.

2 to 4 weeks Remote or in Taipei $5000

Stage 2: Stress Test

Talk to customers and test assumptions as quickly and cheaply as possible.

1 to 3 months Taipei $15,000

Stage 3: Iterate

Launch an MVP, attract paying customers, and iterate towards product-market fit.

3 to 6 months Taipei $100,000

Stage 4: Spin Out

Build a founding team, raise a seed round, and take full control of your destiny!

1 to 3 months Taipei $30,000

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Together, we can transform healthcare. One root cause at a time.

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